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Boil Advisory - UPDATE

Samples are being pulled today for the ongoing system wide Boil Advisory.  We hope to receive notice later this week.  We appreciate your paitence during this time.  Thank you, Stay Safe, and Be Beauregard Strong!

Hurricane Laura UPDATE

BOIL ADVISORY REMAINS IN EFFECT - Please note that ALL customers of Waterworks District 3 Beauregard Parish remain under a Boil Advisory until further notice.  We are hopeful that the advisory will be lifted some time next week.  We are happy to report that all service wells in our system have now been restored to electrical power.  Thank you for your continued cooperation and stay safe as we all move forward making repairs.


Our Waterworks Staff is making progress daily.  Please help us by conserving water usage as much as possible during this time. Our goal is for everyone to have water.  Please call us at 337-725-3000 if you have made repairs to your lines and continue to be without water.  A Boil Advisory remains in effect for ALL Waterworks District 3 customers until further notice. For Emergencies please call 337-317-9638.  We hope everyone remains safe and is doing well with their cleanup efforts.  


We hope everyone is doing ok as the process of cleaning up and repairing our homes and our communities is underway. We would like to make a special request to all those who have had their water restored.  Please be as conservative as possible with your water usage during this time.  There are customers in some areas that remain without water and conservation will be a great help in getting water to ALL our customers.  Thank you so much for your generosity and support during this time.  Once again, A BOIL ADVISORY will remain in effect until furhter notice and if you have a leak please do not leave your water running until it is repaired. For Emergencies call 337-317-9638.


Please be advised that as your water service is restored you will be under a BOIL ADVISORY until further noticeIF YOU HAVE A LEAK ON YOUR SIDE OF METER WE ASK THAT YOU TURN OFF YOUR METER UNTIL YOU HAVE MADE REPAIRS.  This is very important in order for the system to continue to keep water flowing to everyone and as we make repairs on our lines. Please continue to report emergencies to 337-317-9638.  Thank you for continued help and cooperation.  


We hope this message finds you safe wherever you may be after the storm.  Please be advised that as your service is restored you will be under a BOIL ADVISORY until furhter notice.  Thank you for your continued patience during this time. As a community we will move forward together to overcome the enormous challenges that lie ahead.  For Emergencies please continue to call 337-317-9638.  Thank you and may God continue to bless our great community.


Please Note:  Due to the recent changes in the COVID-19 crisis, we will not allow customers in our office at this time.  Please go to the drive-thru window for assistance with any transactions or call us at 337-725-3000.  We appreciate your cooperation with longer lines in our drive-thru.