Your Waterworks District No. 3 of Beauregard Parish staff is always here to help you. Whether you need assistance with a bill or a question about your usage, we are here to serve you. Stop by and see us during our office hours!

Business Personnel

Office manager Karen Ramsey  
Customer service Sasha Reeves  
Customer service Shera Fowler  
Customer service Heather Guimbellot  

Operations Personnel

Distribution Supervisor Mike Guimbellot  
Production Supervisor Kyle Mills  
Distribution Assistant Dale Dartez  
Production Assistant Harry Simmons  
Locator Rusty Gross  
Locator Assistant Tina Thibeaux  
Water Operator Kenneth Rogers  
Water Operator Robert Dartez  
Water Operator Vernon Kirk  
Meter Reader Connie Kirk  
Meter Reader Irene Dartez